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Shamrock Farm
76 Park Lane
Calhoun Falls, SC 29628
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Shamrock Farm

Shamrock Farm came into existence in 2001 after my husband Bryan Wesson and I moved to South Carolina. I had just earned my doctorate in genetics and wanted to put my background in animal science and experience in the horse industry to practice. Bryan had owned horses previously and worked on his family farm raising cattle and hay while growing up. Bryan and I set out to raise and sell Quarter Horses that can excel in the show ring. We try to breed or buy horses with good bloodlines, conformation, movement, and temperment. We give them the best care, feed, and training possible to ensure that they can perform up to their abilities.

In 2007, we moved from our farm in Hodges to an 88 acre farm in Calhoun Falls. It has 55 acres of pasture, 30+ acres of woods for trail riding and hunting, and a creek. It already had 2 horse barns with 13 stalls, a tack room, feed area, paddocks, and additional barns to store hay and equipment. We also have a round pen, a 140' x 220' arena, and a 10-15 acre horse pasture. The Greenwood area 4-H horse club and high school show team helped us to fix up the arena, the stalls, a huge viewing deck, and arena stand this summer so that we can host shows. We have had two successful shows, in September and November 2010, so far. Please check back to find out about upcoming events in 2011.

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